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live is to big to be little dont forget

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  • the love that i have for u is so important just like the revolution of the earth that ,if it happens to be stoped just for a minut there will be elot of damages
  • i never believe in angels until the day i found you .....
  • each human bein was born with hopes and it only dies when you are death so never give up
  • i thing if God took just a minut to creat human beins like any person he used just a second but for you i think he use a 10years this explains your buti...
  • i can put to imagination because one can stay to that and forget ones duties in life ..she look shy and childish but has lovely eyes white and black , so natural as begg and begg for just a look and smil but she runs not of unwillingness but confus of not knowing how to start for her first time lastly she finaly gives up when i cut her like a fish in a net how cuold she run ? finaly closes her eyes and follow my movements as my lips touches hers i was out of place due to smoothness, wateryness and innocent manner i dwell in ..yet what she did know is it was also my first time like i ll never forget...
  • it took along time for me to build a strong and unpeneble wall in my heart that i taught i was not ment to love untill the day i saw u and the real beuti in ur heart there i understastood that chaucer was write by saying love congers all...
  • in ur way to victory cruelty and distres simes to be great, but dont ever forget that victory in the begining is greatest
  • never say never, so never u say never
  • is the way she always smiling it makes me feel she never crys
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  1. Sam Keen You come to love not by finding the perfect person, but by learning to see an impe...
    Sam Keen

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