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Posted February 20, 2012 by Zoe Johnson

If you are a Christian and you think about relationship with opposite sex, you might have some things in mind before you enter a relationship and before you start courting, writing songs and using love quotes, maybe even love quotes from the Bible. The words "Do you love me," Jesus said three times to his disciple Peter, so think about it when you use words or love quotes like that every day. After this Jesus' conversation with Peter there is more than three years the Peter's determination and volatility. Peter was really ready to do it all for Jesus, but the suspect shot at him, and to give them up if you need more time. While other disciples of Jesus experienced the same fluctuations, Peter's behavior reflects the most compelling of our conduct in relation to God. So this is Jesus' question is not addressed only to Peter and the apostles, but to all who will believe through their word, like you believe your partner's word.

Make a Healthy interpersonal relationship with some love quotes

All who love their Savior are obliged to care for their loved ones, especially their partners. In fact, it is difficult to speak of duty when it comes to love, it is easier to romanticize it, talk in superlatives, think of love quotes ect. Hired a duty to earn their salary, like it or not, but love your neighbor may be just the one who loves God. Thus, here is one of the love quotes from the Bible: "In this is love: not that we loved God, but that he loved us and sent his Son as an atoning sacrifice for our sins. Beloved, if God so loved us, and we must love one another." Fraternal relations between Christians are inconceivable without the love of God. Association with the love of God needs healthy interpersonal relationships. However, it is not easy to live with people and even harder to truly love - including those who are the same faith. Problems among the faithful have always been big and significant, as the Bible openly. And our today is full of old, recycled and fresh difficulties. Many Christians see the Bible as the unique revelation of God and their spirituality depends on the mysterious superstitions. Others again into dreamland false security because they think they have been all the commands and respected all the rules and can use it just to invert sayings and love quotes.

Love quotes from the Bible - Relationship between two Christians

Many are already saturated with saint phrases and love quotes from the Bible and with evil phrases that come from pious people who constantly condemn someone. There are those who have become skilled diagnostician and that can determine for any failure, but they are not so keen when it is necessary to solve practical problems, and to the self-sacrificing way. Saint Peter understood it and accepted the wisdom of Jesus' love essential for healthy relationships, and so began another point to it: First of all, keep fervent love for one another, for love forgives many sins, so says one of the love quotes. And wise Solomon already knew long ago: Hatred stirs up strife, but love covers all offenses. What about us? For example, when two young Christians walk together, enjoy, tell love words and love quotes and go in intimate relationships, they are aware it is a mortal sin and they really do not like it. They have not even begun to love, have not yet figured out what love is. They are far from love. They are attracted to something else - the body, pleasure, pleasure. After that they will be able to reject one another. As soon as me, someone is not willing to preserve for posterity, the other will think that the first one doesn't love him or her he loves me not. For example, the boy will think: If a girl is ready with me to sin, then she does not like me, on the contrary, if we let approached but was not ready to lead me into sin, then I'm sure he loves me. A Christian who wants to you immediately in intimate relationships, get it, he's not in your marriage and your life. If you like, be brave and refuse as long as he does not understand: there is something else, not just sex. Until you begin to feel that some of you out grace, starts for you as long as a person.

Love quotes from the Bible don't say anything about dealing with sex and eroticism?

It is necessary to initially deny the sex and eroticism, to feel those first real friendly loves, and then you feel that this can be filled with a profound love. Sexuality is beautiful when it is pure, when enriched with a higher love, when you can describe it with love quotes from the Bible, when one is in it. Without this, it is empty, as the dish without seasoning, soup without salt ... Every hug in sin is not a real hug, not even when it is followed with gentle words ore love quotes. In addition to a guilty conscience there are fear and emptiness. You may think that you have violated God, everywhere you go. For an intimate relationship male - female there needs to be the courage and where is the courage there needs to be a grace, a grace that gets you to pray, to think of love quotes. The ratio male - female ratio is most precious.

Expressing true love with love quotes

There is no true love of a great and sacred principle which is completely different from the charity based on instinct, and which suddenly dies when he is facing serious examination. Love is a celestial plant origin which must be cherished and nourished and fed with gentle words, like the love quotes from the Bible. Loyal heart, sincere and kind words, love quotes, will make the family happy. It will have positive impact on all those with whom they come into contact. True love is not strong and unbridled passion. Rather, it is by nature a quiet and deep. It does not stop at the outside, but is attracted to the inner qualities. It is full of wisdom and discernment, and her devotion to the real and permanent, like the love quotes say.
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