romantic side is very different than women's, so let's look at what they consider to be
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Posted February 20, 2012 by Zoe Johnson

His romantic side is very different than women's, so let's look at what they consider to be romantic. For example, the fastest way to a man's heart is through his ego. If you tell him it was sexy or praise him for something related to his skills and abilities, you'll have him. Compliments on the subject of intelligence, a knowledge of the area, praising his skill - just let him know, and you will have him. You might think that you need to express your love all the time, find meaningful words or love quotes, but most of the men react to something else. Carefully selected his gifts: It does not matter how much you love to count, count your efforts and the fact that you found out what he really loves. If he loves comics and doesn't have a specific issue, try to find it and buy it. Or buy one of the first numbers of his favorite comic book and that will be definitely your ultimate hit. Conclusion - While women are romantic gentle touch, love romantic gestures and love quotes, men fall at your convenience.

Love quotes and man - Humor and confidence

Put on his shirt. Oh, yes. Many men will think you are very romantic, much more than using chocolate, candles and love quotes. Next morning come at breakfast dressed only in his shirt. And that's enough. Men will just say: 'It's romantic!' Why? Who knows? I guess ego is still in question. Next, use your sense of humor: Many will agree with the statement - if you can't make her laugh, it will not go, and this goes both ways. Unfortunately, this skill is not easy to learn. Your sense of humor simply have to match. But do not despair. Your chosen humor might not be decisive. Maybe you can laugh at traditional romance, like love movies and love quotes, but just be careful that he is not one of those men who actually love those things! No man would have admitted that it is the most romantic thing when his girlfriend carries his picture in your wallet. But the truth is sometimes tricky. Besides images, men may fall on small items that you saved from some of your common travel party or the first meeting.

Love quotes and man - The size matters

Do a crazy night out for just the two of you. No, it's not a romantic dinner, with candles, love music and love quotes, but on the contrary - it's going to a concert or party, after which you will run together on the last bus and hungry share a hamburger. He will accompany you to the entrance door and greet you with a kiss goodnight - this will be more than a romance (at least for its terms). The view from the top of the building: A friend once told me that there is nothing better in life (he probably thought - romantic) than when he spent the night with the girl on top of the tallest buildings in the city. He said that they took pictures of a great view of the city and talked romantically (maybe even they used some love songs or love quotes). They had it in hand and everything against them seemed so small. In conclusion, it is hiding a secret - the men were weak on the size, in any sense of the word.

Love quotes and man - Element of surprise is the key

Use "surprise" that shoots straight into the bull's eye of his intimacy. Prepare for him your intimate time in the afternoon and meet him immediately after he returns from work - you bought it. Breakfast in bed, sex in bed an incredible time (early afternoon, early morning), talking romantically and using love quotes and even shared bath are small tests of its tenderness. After one of them you will know exactly which line not to exceed because you don't want to become too soft. When it comes to romance, most men do not know what a woman needs. Rarely share compliments, do not write love songs, do not use love quotes, culmination of romance for them are expensive gifts and sexy lingerie. Men often mistakenly think that expensive gifts and sexy lingerie are the easiest way to a woman's heart, while women go for little things like a prepared bath after a hard days work or morning cup of coffee. Contrary to what most men think, it is not necessary to spend large sums of money to win a woman!

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